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This Week In The Chapel

Lights on
fields of imagination

a Brand New Breed

Mind Reclaimed
Neville DeAngelou

respond recover thrive


Fascinating people boldly transforming their lives before us. Discussion for your group:

the pure joy of appreciating life

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(a Detective Series)


Beyond The Hero
P. P. F.
the Big Idea
Time Reclaimed
Mind Reclaimed
Reclaimed - 03
Reclaimed - 04

Let there be light! (and now) There is light!

Neville DeAngelou

Neville DeAngelou


Like any good mother, her desire was to have her child grow bright and bold, and to be full of good humor and wit, and to be generous and courageous and kind.

For, being such, how could anyone not have the most beautiful story?

After all, what is the code and concept of life, of living, of humanity, if it is not to find one's calling and to have that calling be greater than one's self; if it is not to pursue that calling and complete it with joyous self-respect?

_ Neville






Life Tips from
Along The Journey


Your Private Coach







Freedom - an Unshackled Mind

When you've lived through adversity, you can come to a point in your life where you can look back, reflect, learn, and grow from the experience.

Trauma and adversity in a way are gifts. What we do with these gifts will differ from person to person.

The wise learn how to carry their burden with grace, often to protect others from the emotional intensity of their pain.

Until you heal the wounds of your past, you will continue to bleed. The wounds will bleed through and stain your life.

How can our society move forward in more human, socially just, creative and productive future without confronting our collective historical trauma, both trauma experienced and trauma inflicted?

If we truly want to understand ourselves we need to understand our history, our true history, because the emotional residue of our past follows us.

- What Happened To You?



knowledge is not wisdom

wisdom is the quality of having knowledge, experience, and good judgement

wisdom is not an invitation to adversity

adversity is an experience



Parental Wisdom


accumulate 'beautiful' experiences
share 'beautiful' experiences
inspire 'beautiful' experiences


Vision needs action to graduate from a daydream.



A fierce desire - brilliance - conviction {observably, not limp appropriations of tribal gargle, such as, I can, oh, because I can, for indeed we can, we do; observably, not smug parrotings of any kind ~ i.e., privileged absorption drained of formative vitality having been dragged glibly and cushioned with circular excuses ~ though on par that strained example, I can, proves far superior to its negator, I can't; rather, experientially, true conviction - active belief - a fibrous interconnectedness (body, mind & spirit) ~ tactile certainty, not arrogance; bloodline certainty, not hubris nor defiance; rather, an it will because it must (a privileged pursuit) for one is (you are) precisely built for it; yes, such a conviction is bred out of a fierce desire that honors preparation, embodies commitment, and is purposed of necessity toward fulfillment}; such quality of being (fierce desire - brilliance - conviction), we find to be an awesome initiator of fruitful visions that are made real. Living is rendered better!

You too have probably had that unique experience - you know - through which you are near bursting to spill its most magnificent story; one that seems is destined to be shared.

This is such a moment. (Oooh-wee-wee . . . glory!) Alas, though, I'll let your true story fill my gap while I breathe - a spine tingling glory - and while I encourage you to own your story - your genuine experiences. All of it. It's all yours! Yep, all you!



Examine YOUR enriched experience.



We are a peculiar people indeed: us humans! The evidence is overwhelming and incontrovertible. We are intricately interwoven (internally, externally). Marvelously made. Aye, still, the mastery and the malevolence of our manifestation as humans, is this: we (humans) are simultaneously creator, mirror and observer of our actions and experiences. Those are the architects of joys and tragedies of a living drama in which denial proves deadly - individually - collectively.

None of that is new.

But this is special. If you've been in the presence of a person with an unmistakably extraordinary glow - a glow of truth - an inspirational glow - an unshackled mind genuinely being what it truly is; perhaps it is a personality or performance which in some miraculous, even unexpected, way matches perfectly to your need or spirit or awakening or moment, and something happens to you then - a connection, a move within, a transformation; if you've had such an experience you know what I mean. Everything comes together - uniquely - to shine a new light around you, to lift you, to release you. Perhaps you screamed in delight in that moment. Perhaps you stood in awe. Perhaps it propelled you. It is an unmistakable moment.


We wish you many such moments in the presence of those kinds of people (flesh & blood people); they are all around us. We wish for you as well the presence of such kinds of performances (muscular talent perfectly metred to be exactly where you are with exactly what is meant for you). Nevertheless, it matters not much what we wish; the call is all yours.

Who knows, perhaps you are the person someone else would meet and in so doing experience your extraordinary glow. Perhaps yours would be the performance, even without you realizing it, that transforms someone else gloriously. Wouldn't that be something?

Even now, somewhere, this is happening. Someone this very moment is experiencing a glow, perhaps having no immediate recognition of all that it takes (the full complexity of actions and experiences on the part of the person or performance causing it) for someone to transfer such a gift of transformation.

Perhaps too, sadly, this very second, someone's emotional fortification, judgmental blockade, complex bias, is denying them this very awesome experience.

Many things can shackle a mind. We find that it is by far better having the ability and the capabilities to recognize and avoid such a debilitation.

What can shackle one's mind? Here are a few worth mentioning in order that they may be adequately addressed:

unresolved trauma
disabling beliefs
rooted misinformation
embattled company
controlling influence
coercive personalities
an unforgiving spirit
interfering chaos

These are all solvable and-or avoidable in many different ways. Rendered easier, sweeter, and more special when one is interconnected with folks, habits, attitudes and actions that are the antithesis of those debilators.

We find it best to widen our field of view. It's a wonderful feeling too.

It is worth repeating: meet awesome people. They are all around us. Some are really - really - really special, readily available where minds are unshackled and eyes are open. They glow. They uplift. There is mutuality.



imagination: an awesome super power


Welcome to SEASON SEVEN, 're-CLAIMED,' episode five - extraordinary minds (the lasting rewards of enjoying a strong healthy fruitful imagination) - curated by Neville DeAngelou. "You never stood in that person's shoes or saw things through that person's eyes, or stood and watched with helpless hands while the heart inside you dies, so help others along the way no matter where he or she starts, for the same God that made you made that person too." Reclaim your mind. Experience this joy of life: healthy interconnectedness. You are not alone. We need each other. Community is built that way.


Take action.




How To Be Mentally Strong

* * *
* * * * *
* * * * * * *


* * * * * * *
* * * * *
* * *

Dreamers Hill

Giant leaps grow out from small accumulated steps and require smart bold moves.


Be Curious. E-X-P-L-O-R-E


Fitness for your total being - health-giving activities - FREE on RyoSports.com - In a world yearning to be free, take time to recognize who you are, what you are, where you are, and why it might be wise to embrace a a fuller Fruitful LIFE.

My Quiet Time
Daily Routines
'Lights On' Merch

Mind Reclaimed


INTRO, 01, 02, 03, 04, 05


* * *

* * *


Put It Where You Want It.

lights - camera - action
- past, present, future -


Supreme Champions DO IT differently!

- you can too -


We live in our times. Not in some other. Generally speaking. It is often relatively easy to take for granted the amenities, the necessities, the customaries, and attachments we've come to rely on. It is easy to be oblivious of the fact that someone somewhere, dead or alive, labored each and everyone of those benefits and-or debilitations into being.

These dependables and recognizables were not birthed out of thin air, as it were, and yet indeed they - each and everyone of them - were birthed out of thin air. Yes? Someone first imagined it. Someone first fashioned it. Someone first labored it into existence. Voila, there it is, available for our pleasure and privilege or debilitation. Someone did it!

Isn't that awesome?

Look around you. Let your eyes fall on anything. Anything. Yes. Right there! Someone did it. Even its color didn't just happen into being. Stand naked and look at yourself. Even that! Think about it. Marvel differently. You didn't hear me, did you? You are not alone. No one did it all by himself or herself.

Isn't that awesome?

There are beautiful people all around us, each in their particular ways making marvelous differences toward better. True, that depends on where one looks and for what one may be looking. A few steps beyond the confines of comfort and away from bomerang noises miracles, sometimes known by some other name, abound. Have you seen? Have you heard? Have you tasted? Be silent for a bit. We ask ourselves: is our being - us being who we are - touched someone 'beautifully' - today? Indeed, whole-hearted people are living into solutions and living out their joys. That too is life. Smile. Isnt that fascinating? We live in our times. There are fine folks all around us. We encourage you also to meet them. Humans.




We are WIDE OPEN wholly responsible for making our world a better place.




Today's pivot QUESTION: perhaps you also are venturing out safely, rediscovering, or for the first time you are sampling farther fields - smartly - or are discovering marvelous worlds revealed by extrarodinary minds and-or those designed by the fruitfully imaginative, and you are finding such journeys and escapades to be incredibly edifying, rejuvinating, uplifting, exciting;

where to next?



* * *



- new?



"Keep your thoughts positive because your thoughts become your words. Keep your words positive because your words become your behavior. Keep your behavior positive because your behavior becomes your habits. Keep your habits positive because your habits become your values. Keep your values positive because your values become your destiny." _ Mohandas Gandhi


Heart Strong

Why not examine your life from a different angle?

As much as is affordable for matters that matter, afford yourself a 360 degree view. You may find this of great value in ways you had not imagined nor known to account for. It is highly probable you will also encounter awesome insights that are of no relevance to who you are or what you are about, and that you will make observations you are ill-equipped to comprehend. It is highly likely you will encounter delightful delusions, and disconcerting illusions, and lots of bs disguised as helpful secrets. It may very well not be incumbent upon you to contest or combat any of these, but they will inform you, and will assuredly put upon you the onus to be ever more discerning and to be ever smarter with your decisions and clearer with your intentions, for all in all these will profitably test your faith and mirror your trust, and render you that much better. As much as is affordable for matters that matter, afford yourself a 360 degree view.


Our RyoLearn VIP Vault, brilliantly designed and conveniently styled with awesome contributions from around the globe, is now unlocked, freely available to you. Click. Peruse. Take. Use. Share. We can choose to renew our minds.








"An infinity of forests lies dormant in the dream of an accorn."

_ The Tea Lover



Action Options to eradicate Systemic RACISM & stop Police Brutality

  1. Be informed
  2. Practice the Golden Rule
  3. Practice Neighborliness
  4. Love
  5. Listen
  7. VOTE - Let YOUR VOICE be heard; and LISTEN too. Everytime!
  8. PROMOTE Police Accountability
  9. Love
  12. Be Informed

a SUPERIORITY COMPLEX is an INFERIORITY PROBLEM (recklessly extravagant; eminently solvable)


Remember: it is YOUR LIFE; only you can live it. It behoves us to have a highly functioning baloney detection kit, and to know how to use it well, and to use it wisely. Regardless, be ever aware: this is your life, ONLY YOU can live it. We wish you wonder. You play a significant role in the richness of that experience.




Take Action

"Know what you own. Understand what you claim. Believe you can achieve what you conceive then call it by its name. Mine! The extent to which you have this clarity of mind, this purity of understanding, this strength of belief, you have the fire, the fuel, the impetus, the passion, the determination, the willpower you require to pursue and retrieve your truest desire. But do not claim what does not belong to you. It will not keep you . . . it will suffer you but for only so long."

[ ILICET - A Time To Begin Again ]



Real Science - Smart Technology - Bold Bets


+ + + + + + +


+ + + + + + +







You are valued. You are important. What you experience is important. Your intention matters. You are a whole being. You are a true wonder. You diminish yourself whenever you pit valued elements of who you are against vital elements of who you are: your intuitive self against your intellectual self, your rational self against your emotional self, your gut against your heart against your head. Don't be put at war against yourself: you are a masterpiece. An intricate being. Human!

Discovering: sobering realities

mentor coach advocate sponsor

Life: it is a dance. It gets better with practice; its music is in your heart and in your soul and in your blood and in your bones. Life; it is a dance. It gets better with practice. You have a partner – your spirit. You can have a party if you like, but choose smartly who you invite, for life – your life – is a dance. It gets better with practice, unless you stop the music or so crowd your dance floor there is no space to move or be moved within it. Explore. Yes, life; it is a dance. It gets better with practice until the dance becomes the dancer and the dancer becomes the dance and life and all of existence becomes a singular flow. Yes, life; it is a dance. It gets better with practice. Dance.


a work of outstanding artistry, skill, or workmanship.

tour de force


Visionary Lane

Home is a special place. Love resides there. The best journeys take you there. Hope lives there. Home leaves no question about belonging. Friends belong there. Dreams thrive there. Home is a place of forgiveness. There is no rejection there. Home is a place of rest and recuperation and rejuvination. There is laughter there. Life takes you to unexpected places; love brings you home. At home you are free to flourish. It is where you birthed your wings. Are you there yet? We live amongst viruses and bacteria: some are villains and some are monsters. Monsters breed monsters. Villains are everywhere; you are ever in their sights. Be prepared: find your rhythm, stay in balance, keep your values and your vision in focus. Choose your friends wisely. Create great company. We find that it is up to each of us; that's how (for us) it turned awesome. Have a healthy active imagination. Create good memories. Glow.



Out beyond ideas of right doing and wrong doing there is a field. I'll meet you there.

When the soul lies down in that grass, the world is too full to talk about.

expand your mind

. . .


. . .



let your light shine

Live. Laugh. Love.



Come, let us all be friends for once, 
Let us make life easy on us, 
Let us be lovers and loved ones,
The earth shall be left to no one.

Yunus Emre

reclaim lost ground for keeps
time health wealth
- rhythm - - balance - - focus -




I Dreamed You series by Neville DeAngelou


2:26 AM - The Gathering (SBL Audio Dramatized)
on Audible on Apple (iTunes) on Amazon

The Great Teller shares An Epic Truth

Across the nation and around the world there is a long rumble.

It is a rumble so loud it strikes ready ears as a distant clap of a fierce thunder. It is a rumble so low, it rides beneath the noise of a thousand human fears; it can no longer be heard. Fear of flight, fear of heights, fear of sand, fear of snow, fear of monsters in the closet, fear of bugs in the pillow, fear of cats, fear of bats, fear of strangers at the door, fear of being lost, fear of being laughed at, fear of being stuck in the toilet bowl, fear of whites, fear of blacks, fear of browns, blues and yellows, fear of nakedness, fear of the unknown, fear of being hurt.


2:26 AM - The Gathering

Smile. Live. Love. Laugh. Look. Listen. Learn. Be awesome. You are powerful beyond measure. You are not alone. You can do all things. I am you. You are me. We are one. Keep Sharing.

Yes or No

May our light shine on sprinkled seeds along The Journey.

"Live Your Life - Live it well. You are worth it."


Listen. Learn. Lead.


"I have the audacity to believe that peoples everywhere can have three meals a day for their bodies, education and culture for their minds, and dignity, equality, and freedom for their spirits. I believe that what self-centered men have torn down, men other-centered can build up." Martin Luther King Jr. Look. Listen. Learn. YOU ARE VALUED BEYOND MEASURE. (A Place Called Ah.)

We are accompanied.
Balance - Focus - Rhythm


When life doesn't care about your plans! Check this out - What would you do?


Don't Scream by Neville DeAngelou


Who killed Father Francis? (A new DETECTIVE series featuring The Dean). Vivacious revelations of love, legacy and forgiveness. Against a rich tapestry of modern life we are treated to a searing, powerfully sensuous and unforgettable thrill. Outcomes are rarely as expected. Turning points are eminently enlightening. Your discoveries willl light you up. (All formats) (All Major Platforms).


There is wanting it done. There is getting it done.
There is knowing how to do it. There is doing it.


* * *

You are

strong - brave - capable - valued - gifted - possessed of joy, hope, peace and love - treasured - entrusted - loved - courageous


Felix Tennis Player
See ILICET - A Time To Begin Again

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