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Beat All Odds

OB MasterClass

"You are built for it."
Neville DeAngelou

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Fascinating people boldly transforming their lives before us. Discussion for your group:

What is your vision?

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How They Beat The Odds


. Reference Riding Moby Dick (all formats)

Riding Moby Dick

Be empowered. Beat the odds.
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Are You An Odds-Beater?

Discovery #1: Odds-beaters see things differently and are comfortable with that. They recognize patterns to which most are oblivious. They engage more of their senses than the average run-about. They know what they want.


Ooops, I am On to Something

Discovery #2. Odds-beaters use their natural gifts; they synchronize their gifts and their mission with their vision. Odds-beaters have a vision that is greater than self. Odds-beaters recognize when they get a break and a new path opens; they are very prepared to make the jump and take it.


For Better Or Worse

Discovery #3: Odds-beaters have a powerful story; their story drives them through obstacles. Odds-beaters re-create their authentic story in line with their mission by living out that story. Powerful stories break-even all odds.


Awesome Threesome + Some

Discovery #4. Odds-beaters have a romantic relationship with their mission; they are in love with their vision. Odds-beaters grow into the fullness and brilliance of their dream.


Hitchhiking to Life

Discovery #5: Odds-beaters adopt beliefs, build relationships and create environments that enhance opportunities for success of their Big Ideas.


A Mote of Dust

Discovery #6. Odds-beaters are not cheaters; they are a stacked deck, interwoven & interconnected internally and externally. They are connected to an inner-voice they can hear and see and trust, and respond well to. They are connected to where they are - an uncanny awareness & an undaunted curiosity. They are connected to the essentiality of those desires and dreams that feed off of their transformational capabilities.


A Strong sense of Belonging

Discovery #7: Odds-beaters have a firm foundation stabilized in a strong sense of belonging - a bond - a connection to who they are, a connection to what they are about, an awareness of the certainty of uncertainty, a tenacity to doing what it takes, a resolve to getting that done. Odds-beaters can turn unfavorable odds into trading chips. They are phenomenal. They love their work. At times it is a symphony. At times it is a dance. At times it is a pain in the ass. At times it is a joy. They embrace all of it.


A View Like None Other

Discovery #8. Odds-beaters are active participants in the process and outcomes of their pursuits. They make better decisions more frequently than most. They make continual improvements and rebound well from setbacks. The very foundation of each odds-beater is unqiue and different, and these are very okay with that, no matter what! They are not spectators of their journey.


Foundation for an Enriched Life

kindness goodness love
faithfulness gentleness joy
patience self-control peace


 this series is inspired



(a Bowfoot Peter Series)


Awesome Exemplified

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A diamond is a chunk of coal that did well under pressure.

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Your Coach


"joy: a deep feeling of wholeness, of great pleasure, of sustainable happiness; an enduring sense of it's alright. delight, jubilation, glee, exultation, rejoicing, triumph, exhilaration, exuberance, elation, euphoria, ecstacy, rapture, felicity, joie de vivre, bliss."

"Live Your Life - Live it well. You are worth it."


The Journey - Your Voice Illuminated - Our Global Digital Radio Show & Podcast. We stop at exotic places, meet fascinating folks with intriguing stories and novel solutions to some of life's tricky problems. We play a few fun games too, and track remarkable characters of three classics: BulletSq ILICET - A Time To Begin Again (True Story) BulletSq SBL Series: 2:26 AM, The Gathering (Matchbox Mystery) and BulletSq Flight Of The Fused Monkeys (5-Star Series). Life is beautiful and full of surprises. Breathe! Deeply. Enjoy top dramatic, inspirational, mystery, scifi, and true stories from along The Journey. Live. Love. Laugh. Look. Listen. Lead. Learn with us. Listen to 'Sven: The High Achiever's Journey." Share it.

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