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OURS is the esteemed PRIVILEGE
not to go to church.

One is form; the other is function. One is custom; the other is conviction.

"I give thanks to my God ALWAYS for you because of the grace of God that was given you in Christ Jesus."

_ 1 Corinthians 1:4

"Dear God, grant me victory today over all that assails. Help me square up to even the greatest challenges and claim authority over them, unafraid. Amen."

_ Joshua Dubois

"Dear God, I await your wisdom, and when you speak, I will listen. Amen."

_ Joshua Dubois

"God already knows the WHOLE story! No amount of talking, shouting or noise-making has got any more information unknown to God. STILLNESS offers BLISS. We listen."

a Relationship NOT a Religion


Sermon Quotes

Rev Dr. Neil Cazares-Thomas


Knock and seek and find all of the goodness that God is ready to lavish upon us.

We stand at the door and we knock. We knock begging, hoping, anticipating that this God will respond to us.

We've made a God that is full of conditional love rather than unconditional love. We neglect so often to see through the lens of Jesus and rather only through the lens of our theology - a theology that is often toxic, a theology that is often exclusionary rather than inclusive, a theology that is so often set up to keep many of us on the outside looking in rather than on the inside looking out into the world.

I believe every single one of us has a story, has a moment in our lives, a testimony if you will, that speaks of a moment that we knew without a shadow of a doubt that God was real; that we knew without a shadow of a doubt that there was something within us that knew that Jesus was present, that there was a moment when we were transformed, that there was a moment when our face gleaned with the glory of God that lived within us.

We come together as the body of Christ in order that we can be nourished and fed, and that we might do that for one another, as well as do that for ourselves.

The world needs people of good faith in the world today.

The world is in desperate need of love today.

The world is in desperate need of people just like you and me who are following in the ways of Jesus.

The embodiment of Christ is about good news to the poor, to lift up the broken hearted and to declare the favor of God that is upon us.

Anything less than that is not church.

Anything less than that is not transformation.

And in our own transformation we transform the world.


Sermon Quotes

Joshua Dubois


Jesus says, I'm the only one who can bring eternal life - and this makes Caiphas furious.

Jesus is a human person - with human friends - and human emotions. He is distraught at the death of his friend.

"Lazarus - come out!"

(Jesus healed a blind man.)

And the blind man's answer is astounding. He says, I don't care about your religious framework. I'm not concerned with your theology. All I know is: I was blind, but now I see.


"The man they called Jesus healed me so I could see." And that's it.

Mic drop!

* * *


Rev Dr. Yvette Flunder


God gives more grace as your burdens grow greater.

And God sends more strength as your labors increase.

And to added affliction, God adds mercy.

And to multiplied trial, God adds multiplied peace. 

And when we have exhausted our own store of endurance, have you ever felt like your strength was about to fail, and your test is just begun, and when we have depleted, our own hearts of resources, that's when God's full giving is only begun. 

For God's love has no limits. And God's grace has no measure. And God's power has no boundaries known onto man, for out of God's infinite, God has riches in Jesus. My God giveth. Then He keeps on giving and God giveth again.



Sermon Quotes

Rev. Dr. Tony Campolo


"Commitment doesn't arise out of a hope for reward, but out of gratitude about the generosity of God's love toward us, for greater love hath no man, no woman, than this - no person - that that person laid down his life or her life or their life for a friend."


"On the cross He (Jesus) became everything that we are in order that we might become everything that He is."




"Sins are forgiven, forgotten, buried in the deepest sea. Listen to this: remembered no more."


Sermon Quotes
'Lights On' Merch

This Week's Recommended Group Refelction: What Is the Foundation of my Faith?


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