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An Elegant Life

Beyond The Hero
Neville DeAngelou

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Fascinating people boldly transforming their lives before us. Discussion for your group:

What's your super power?

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The Hunks
I Dreamed


(an IDY Series)


Dreamers Hill

Neville DeAngelou


. . . .

If you are not mindful you will inhabit someone else's dream.

A mindless boy can set his life aside and when he is a man forget where he had set it and spend an awful time searching every which way to find it, for if he doesn't search for it he will regret it, and if he doesn't find it he will hate himself for it.

Nothing on earth exists then to console him.

_ Neville
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Mountain Series
Beat The Odds
5 Enriching Virtues


Out beyond ideas of right doing and wrong doing there is a field. I'll meet you there.

When the soul lies down in that grass, the world is too full to talk about.


Let your light shine.

An Elegant Life


Welcome to An Elegant Life curated by your host Neville DeAngelou.  We are integrating features of five qualites cum super abilities exhibited by extraordinary individuals exemplifying wholeness of being in their ongoing pursuit and achievement of healthwealth and happiness.


"True icons are larger than life, unforgettable with an elegance that's mesmerizingly timeless."

Francois Nars


We apporach our daily exercise of actionable discoveries continuously being shared, smartly, in particular those that uplift, inspire, promote harmony, expand opportunities, exemplify beauty, and reveal wonder, in other words, those proven to strengthen our emboldened exercise of genuine love through all of its fertile dimensions! In our real world!


Beyond The Hero - An Elegant Life

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The Power of Presence

Episode 1:   In this first episode we are integrating features of the first of five qualites cum super abilities exhibited by extraordinary individuals exemplifying wholeness of being in their ongoing pursuit and achievement of healthwealthand happiness.

let your part  play  through you

Rai·son d'ê·tre

Episode 2:  Awake. During this episode we are integrating into our efforts the qualitative features of "purpose" - the positioning system employed by extraordinary individuals exemplifying wholeness of being in their ongoing pursuit and experience of healthwealth and happiness.

who is carrying  your  paper into the room

Infinite Partner

Episode 3:   Spread your wings. We are tapping into one of the most famous (too often infamous) of our superforces - passionAs we do so we are beginning to grasp vital differences between immersion and explosion, both of which are remarkable features of five superpowers extraordinary individuals exemplifying wholeness of being employ in their ongoing pursuit and experience of healthwealth and happiness.

are you deployed  ostensibly for magic, mayhem or majesty

Inner Grace - Mental Strength

Episode 4:  There are features of magnificence, of quality, of our lift-n-shift beyond the hero that are every bit up to us: entirely up to you, totally up to me. As it is with every other superforce these attract phenomenal fakers - big time! This most invaluable superforce from our super set is poise. So enticing and empowering it is one might experience an urge to eat it. Alas, it is inedible.

surviving - striving - thriving

Oh What Power

Episode 5:   There is a massive difference between force and power. Their actualities are awfully misunderstood and when their realities are discovered, that discovery is frequently far too late.

is your story finished


* * *

You are

strong - brave - capable - valued - gifted - possessed of joy, hope, peace and love - treasured - entrusted - loved - courageous



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