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A Beautiful Life

Beyond The Hero
Neville DeAngelou

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Fascinating people boldly transforming their lives before us. Discussion for your group:

What makes your life beautiful?

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The Hunks
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Neville DeAngelou

Neville DeAngelou


Like any good mother, her desire was to have her child grow bright and bold, and to be full of good humor and wit, and to be generous and courageous and kind.

For, being such, how could anyone not have the most beautiful story?

After all, what is the code and concept of life, of living, of humanity, if it is not to find one's calling and to have that calling be greater than one's self; if it is not to pursue that calling and complete it with joyous self-respect?

_ Neville

A Beautiful Life - the series

Welcome to A Beautiful Life curated by your host Neville DeAngelou. We are exploring the essential elements of a beautiful life in the context of wholeness-of-being, seeking out and applying those aspects of lifestyle growth fostering health, wealth and happiness.


"A thing of beauty is a joy forever: Its loveliness increases; it will never Pass into nothingness; but still will keep A bower quiet for us, and a sleep Full of sweet dreams, and health, and quiet breathing.."

John Keats


What is a beautiful life? Do you believe you are worthy of enjoying a beautiful life? Is the beautiful life attainable? How do you measure the beautiful life; what are its hallmarks? What would you need to change or add to your life to make it beautiful? Are you enjoying a beautiful life?

We begin our exploration by examining our five senses to see what role they play in the quality of life.

Our exploration progresses into an examination of how stories we tell ourselves impact seven qualitative attributes of a life's trajectory.

Listen. Learn. Lead.


A Beautiful Life Episodes
- click on highlights to navigate -

SEGMENT 1 - Is the human designed for a beautiful life?

Heart Of The Matter: exploring romance (in particular our sexual health) to examine its longterm impact on our cherished experiences of healthwealth and happiness.
An Intimate Affair: exploring touch. "Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around." Leo Buscalia
True Blue: (sight) - exploring a wide array of wavelengths including and beyond the visible spectrum - the wonder of ambiguity - the marvel of imagination - the joys of creativity - the artistry of deception - trickery and trust - the miracles that enhance our quality of life.
Savor The Flavor: (taste) - Were you a flavor, which would you consider yourself to be: sweet, salty, bitter, umami, or sour? We are exploring an enchanting array of life's flavors in search of attributes that might enhance our quality of life and wholeness-of-being
a Rain Drop: (hearing) - During this episode we are tuning in to various rhythms of life, in appreciation of the remarkable genius of human design and expressing gratitude for this unique language which enhances our quality of living.
The Nose Knows: (smelll) - Go beyond your cloistered cluster. Discover new scents. Scents are stocked full of invaluable information. First, clear your palette. Smell. Some scents are invigorating. Some scents bring warning. Invite yourself to more of the many gifts of the universe. Inhale.

The Golden Angle
(Lights on Blooms)

Our exploration continues through seven attributes of lives seemingly well-lived.

SEGMENT 2 - testing a hypothesis that a beautiful life includes one or more or all of the following:

A Miracle Factory - (Lights on Love Set Free) - CLAIM #1: enjoying the practice of love = a beuatiful life

Circles of Love - (Lights on Viable Communities) - CLAIM #2: engaging with our community (our hood) in ways that are positive and fruitful and inspiring = a beautiful life
A Firm Foundation - (Lights on Internal Peace) - CLAIM #3: experiencing internal peace = a beautiful life
A Source of Confidence - (Lights on Living Narratives) - CLAIM #4: appreciating one's being - our body, our mind, our soul, our spirit - and our growth and our evolution = a beautiful life
Always In Season - (Lights on Fertile Narratives) - CLAIM #5: feeling our overflow and sharing it with those who find it most beneficial = a beautiful life
What's In Your Closet - hidden - (Lights on Ready-Set-Go) - CLAIM #6: feeling ongoing gratitude for what's in and out of our life = a beautiful life
You Are Enough - (Ligts on Critical Awakening) - CLAIM #7: fulfilling a purpose = a beautiful life

Dare to lead your life with joy. Check this out - Be the best you can be!

The Hunks I Dreamed by Neville DeAngelou

Every new era is marked by a challenge that reveals the true nature of its character, its soul, its heart, our very being; a challenge so pervasive, so corrosive, so corrupting, it indulges our need for respite; a challenge that demands a new breed - A Breed Beyond The Hero.



* * *

You are

strong - brave - capable - valued - gifted - possessed of joy, hope, peace and love - treasured - entrusted - loved - courageous




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A Beautiful Life series

inclusive of published insights, concepts, ideas and wisdom from some of the world's top influencers, thinkers, entrepreneurs, coaches, philanthropists, and entertainers: Lewis Howes, Jay Shetty, Karyn Hawthorne, The Nerdwriter, Iyanla Vanzant, Angela Duckworth, Thomas Frank, Dolvett Quince, John legend, Erwin Mcmanus, Travis Green, Tasha Cobbs, Doctor Mike Diamonds, Dr. Mike, Colin Brady, Prince Epa, Will Smith, Christina Tossi, Brene Brown, Oprah Winfrey, Dwayne Wade, Nathaniel Drew, Veritasium, Derek Hough, Tom Bilyeu, Massie Williams, Jack Harries, Lenny Kravitz, the Smith Brothers, Alexander Heyne, Ava DuVernay, Es Devlin, Robin Sharma, Jay J. Thananant, Tommy Limek, Aaron Johnson, Ari Perez, Josh Groban, Bobby McFerrin, Andre Rieu, and Martin (College Info Geek).


"Don't lose your moon, shooting for the stars."
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