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Profitable Values

Beyond The Hero
Neville DeAngelou

confident clear composed


Fascinating people boldly transforming their lives before us. Discussion for your group:

core values

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How to be Assertive, not Aggressive, & why that is Profitable

Neville DeAngelou

Neville DeAngelou


Like any good mother, her desire was to have her child grow bright and bold, and to be full of good humor and wit, and to be generous and courageous and kind.

For, being such, how could anyone not have the most beautiful story?

After all, what is the code and concept of life, of living, of humanity, if it is not to find one's calling and to have that calling be greater than one's self; if it is not to pursue that calling and complete it with joyous self-respect?

_ Neville


Imperfectly Perfect

The Sweet Joy of Creating Real Value

Looking into our favorite Gen-U worlds where being profitable while striving to live profitably is a rich and rewarding experience, outsiders can easily go dizzy trying to grasp and-or differentiate regularly flung terms, such as "value" and "values" as well as their significance to living a joyously wholesome life, especially if that observer is also witness to a vast swath of humanity living in fissured environments that are pestered with unresolvable disparities.

You are not dreaming! Let's shake our shoulders loose, toss aside the hype and bamboozle, and breathe. First things first: it is our environment that is changing fast; life is just as swift as it always was, but we live in unprecedented times in a world that is fat with dormant value. Breathe. Gen-U's bask in that awareness.

Secondly, said "unresolvable" disparities are manmade! We are doing it to us! Gen-U's own Four Profitable Rs adequate to that gargantuan task, which they employ at will right where they are, and which of necessity will be rolled out as this series proceed. Gen-U's demystify and clarify what profitable means as well as what joy is and are not compelled by measures through which others strive. Breathe. Let in some fresh air. Let's let simple things stay simple.

Central to the Gen-U's penetrating presence and profitable lifestyle are a) a belief in the power of life, b) a raw sense of limitlessness, and c) undaunted exploration, engagemment, and valuation of life's toughest ask.

Are you one of life's value creators? The toughest ask in all of life is to become then to be one's most authentic self through each of life's stages of growth, evolution and contribution, regardless of circumstance, and thereto experience the sweetest joy on earth, but to what purpose?

What is your life's value creation?

Welcome to the second episode of Profitable Values - fierce - curated by Neville DeAngelou. Now is the perfect time to assess how value is being created, evaluate that value, and seal the wound bleeding your precious worth. Athletes teach us a lot.


Keep going.


Enjoy actionable discoveries continuously shared - smartly - particularly those that uplift, inspire, promote harmony, expand opportunities, exemplify beauty, and reveal wonder, in other words, those proven to strengthen our emboldened exercise of genuine love through all of love's fertile dimensions, supplying those of us who are blessed and inspired to take action with necessary skillsets to be awesome in our real world. Namaste. Share.

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Dreamers Hill

How do you keep aligned with your Guiding Star as your world swirls around?


Fitness for your total being. Health-giving activities available FREE on RyoSports.com (BREATHE). Take time to recognize who you are, what you are, where you are. Enjoy LIFE.

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Profitable (Values)

Episode: 02



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lights - camera - action
- living a supreme life -

Beyond The Arena

"Every act of communication is a miracle of translation," Ken Liu said. A seminal element is language, consisted of word symbols and sentence structures that flex in space with place and time. That is a marvel. And intriguing. Especially so, because our language, this one - English, has a powerful weakness. Some might even say an eminently convenient flaw! Words, however, are not our only means of communication, but it remains the most pervasive.

What's the impact of this weakness?

Profound. Many of our most used words (and idioms) have diverse meanings (contextual and nuanced), all in all a treasure throve to the demagogue, the deciever, the joker, and the clown; packed with comedic tricks and tragic traps sprung wild across the playgrounds of their cunning. Marvelously though, those very flaws are golden strands in poets' hands, whose rich tapestry is the playful flex of prescient minds. This latter, we need. Fervently.

Remarkably, every act of communication is a miracle of translation even when blunt truth is pointed, wisdom is plain, and lies are as wet as spit in the face. A vital thing often missed is this: we use those very wretched words to speak to ourself. That is an impact of such uneven measure, few ever grab its weight. Words not only mean things, they do things - inside - and their spits are most telling of those who heave them - outside. We learn things - openly - though rarely heed them. So much value wasted!

Take this episode's cornerstone - fierce - as a poignant sample. What might its light reflect of a person's inalienable truth? What might it tell of how that person's internal compass is oriented: say, up, down, positive, negative, toward curse or toward blessing? With what of a person's core might this cornersone's magnetic pole resonate? Experience the moment.

Fierce! Does it resonate as ferocious, savage, vicious, wild, ferral, untamed, aggressive, blood-tirsty, dangerous, brutal, cut-throat?

Fierce! Does it resonate as keen, intense, strong, powerful, passionate, fervent, fiery, relentless, ardent, impassioned, fervid?

Words are as whimsical as a rabbit in a magician's hat and as wakeful as the ticking in a teenager's thong. Herefrom rises a powerful truth: it is for the deliverer of a word as much as it is for its reciever to possess in his or her mind and soul the determinant of whether a word will bloom as if with the breath of Infinite Love or blow as of a timeless bomb.

... that's the awsome privilege of choice ...


Create and optimize transferable value for a life of lasting significance regardless of endeavor.

We define profitable exchange  to be  'value for value'  offered in the arena where stakeholders are satisfied, causes are advanced toward individual and common good, and lives are experiencing wholeness and enjoying significance.

We are exploring alongside exceptional creators, influencers and producers. As a barometer, during each of these episodes we are applying a relevant value-set of one or other of RyoSports Athletes pivotal cornerstones - fierce, flexible, fun, friendly, free, fashionable - to guage healthwealth and wellbeing, and will encourage you to do likewise.

Hop on for a fun and fruitful ride.




Today's pivot QUESTION: if you are beginning to suspect that being an armchair critic of life is not as satisfying nor as significant as you imagined it would be

- on what day will you begin shifting toward the sharp edge of life, that pluck of a joyous life, a life that daily fulfills your reason for being or your dream of being?



* * *


Fire In The Belly

Given that a fruitful value is one that effectively guides us steadily toward our vision or goal or call and bears good fruit along the way; given that a hollow value is meaningless (no matter how grand, noble, or worthy it might seem in a vacuum) and is therefore fruitless and distracting along the path of one's vision, goal or call; which of your meaningful values would you say emanate from this episode's pivotal cornerstone - fierce - that fire in the belly?



Fruitful values are a great help when facing ambiguity. They help you find clarity. They bolster you whenever you need to make tough decisions. They remind you to take action.

One method of applying these cherished values profitably is by employing them in accordance with the three natures we've identified.

1. Core Value. An essential belief or an unwavering guide which helps a person determine and-or confirm that he or she is on the right path, and which is aligned with who that person is, what that person is about, and how that person will go about accomplishing his or her vision.

2. Apirational Value. This value is a beacon which highlights who and what a person is striving to become, recognizing that the person has not yet attained, but whose intention remains active aspiring toward that achievment.

3. Emergent Value. A value arising as essential to the moment, is crucial to successfully navigating where one is, and may or maynot become an aspirational value or core value. Its a value of necessity and urgency.

"Keep your thoughts positive because your thoughts become your words. Keep your words positive because your words become your behavior. Keep your behavior positive because your behavior becomes your habits. Keep your habits positive because your habits become your values. Keep your values positive because your values become your destiny." _ Mohandas Gandhi



How are you experiencing life, and how do you go about creating one that is fruitful, significant and satisfying, if those values are important to you?

Are you more of an active participant of life, or a spectator, and how does that translate into the unfolding of your days?

What will you be doing next?

We've found that an assertive lifestyle is far more profitable than an aggressive lifestyle. What have you found? And how do you go about improving every aspect of your experience?

You are always welcome to consult freely with our regularly updated TRANSFORMATIONAL HABITS and other phenomenal playlists - styled for your convenience with contributions from your favorite peoples. Click. Take. Peruse. Use freely.


* * *


Profitable Value

PERSEVERANCE - a fierce determination





"An infinity of forests lies dormant in the dream of an accorn."

_ The Tea Lover



Profitable (defined)

beneficial - useful - advantageous - helpful - of use - of service - valuable - productive - worthwhile - rewarding - fruitful - enriching - illuminating - informative - well-spent.

Those who know better are better positioned to be better!



Action Options: Being Assertive rather than Aggressive

  • An assertive person is confdent, composed and clear, NOT arrogant, autocratic, nor dogmatic. The affirmative qualities are profitable and require continuous growth and development sustainable throughout life's natural vicissitudes. It breaks down walls, attracts reliable support, and streghtens alliances.
  • An assertive person is open and honest, NOT confrontational nor dismissive. The affirmative qualities are meeted out aptly to the circumstances, not boundaryless, not willy-nilly, and not submissive.
  • An assertive person understands, upholds and asserts his or her own rights while being open and respecting of the rights of others.
  • An assertive person takes ownership and responsibility for his or her own actions without judging or blaming others for what he or she is doing.

The toughest ask in all of life is to become then to be one's most authentic self through each stage of growth and evolution. This will forever remain true: It is YOUR LIFE; only you can live it.




Take Action

"Know what you own. Understand what you claim. Believe you can achieve what you conceive then call it by its name. Mine! The extent to which you have this clarity of mind, this purity of understanding, this strength of belief, you have the fire, the fuel, the impetus, the passion, the determination, the willpower you require to pursue and retrieve your truest desire. But do not claim what does not belong to you. It will not keep you . . . it will suffer you but for only so long."

[ ILICET - A Time To Begin Again ]



Real Science - Smart Technology


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Riding Moby Dick



You are valued. You are important. What you experience is important. Your intention matters. You are a whole being. You are a true wonder. You diminish yourself whenever you pit valued elements of who you are against vital elements of who you are: your intuitive self against your intellectual self, your rational self against your emotional self, your gut against your heart against your head. Don't be put at war against yourself: you are a masterpiece. An intricate being. Human!

Cherish The Moments - It's Profitable!

mentor coach advocate sponsor

Life: it is a dance. It gets better with practice; its music is in your heart and in your soul and in your blood and in your bones. Life; it is a dance. It gets better with practice. You have a partner – your spirit. You can have a party if you like, but choose smartly who you invite, for life – your life – is a dance. It gets better with practice, unless you stop the music or so crowd your dance floor there is no space to move or be moved within it. Explore. Yes, life; it is a dance. It gets better with practice until the dance becomes the dancer and the dancer becomes the dance and life and all of existence becomes a singular flow. Yes, life; it is a dance. It gets better with practice. Dance.


a work of outstanding artistry, skill, or workmanship.

tour de force


Who Needs The Car?

Times are quite different; compared to when? People can be so different; compared to who? Circumstances are very different too, but compared to which? Each of us has arrived at this moment with an array of perspectives uniquely different from anyone else's. Meanwhile, technology is constantly reminding us that the future is here. It is. Hooray to bright minds who are offering awesome solutions and to other bright ones who constantly stretch their minds way beyond where some others of us might ever be able to imagine. Isn't that something? I think it is. Indeed, athletes come in all forms, styles and sizes. Billboard Question in The Arena: When self-driving cars become ubiquitous, would you stop offering rides?



Out beyond ideas of right doing and wrong doing there is a field. I'll meet you there.

When the soul lies down in that grass, the world is too full to talk about.


. . .


. . .



let your light shine


Come, let us all be friends for once, 
Let us make life easy on us, 
Let us be lovers and loved ones,
The earth shall be left to no one.

Yunus Emre

reclaim lost ground for keeps
time health wealth
- rhythm - - balance - - focus -




I Dreamed You series by Neville DeAngelou


2:26 AM - The Gathering (SBL Audio Dramatized)
on Audible on Apple (iTunes) on Amazon

The Great Teller shares An Epic Truth

Across the nation and around the world there is a long rumble.

It is a rumble so loud it strikes ready ears as a distant clap of a fierce thunder. It is a rumble so low, it rides beneath the noise of a thousand human fears; it can no longer be heard. Fear of flight, fear of heights, fear of sand, fear of snow, fear of monsters in the closet, fear of bugs in the pillow, fear of cats, fear of bats, fear of strangers at the door, fear of being lost, fear of being laughed at, fear of being stuck in the toilet bowl, fear of whites, fear of blacks, fear of browns, blues and yellows, fear of nakedness, fear of the unknown, fear of being hurt.


2:26 AM - The Gathering

Smile. Live. Love. Laugh. Look. Listen. Learn. Be awesome. You are powerful beyond measure. You are not alone. You can do all things. I am you. You are me. We are one. Keep Sharing.

May our light shine on sprinkled seeds along The Journey.

"Live Your Life - Live it well. You are worth it."

Listen. Learn. Lead.


This universe has provided us with its finest elements. Everything tangible besides, made available for our current utility and pleasure, was harnessed from what is by you or me or fellow humanbeings. Everything! Harnessed! That bears repeating. Harnessed. Isn't that amazing? Isn't this the perfect time to rethink value? What value do you bring, and to whom? (A Place Called Ah.)

We are accompanied.
Balance - Focus - Rhythm


When life doesn't care about your plans! Check this out - What would you do?


Don't Scream by Neville DeAngelou


Who killed Father Francis? (A new DETECTIVE sereis featuring The Dean). Vivacious revelations of love, legacy and forgiveness. Against a rich tapestry of modern life we are treated to a searing, powerfully sensuous and unforgettable thrill. Outcomes are rarely as expected. Turning points are eminently enlightening. Your discoveries willl light you up. (All formats) (All Major Platforms).




* * *

You are

strong - brave - capable - valued - gifted - possessed of joy, hope, peace and love - treasured - entrusted - loved - courageous


See ILICET - A Time To Begin Again

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BE EVER REMINDED: the life you are living is YOUR life; ONLY YOU can live it!
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