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RyoSports Tennis Academy Mens 2021 Round-Robin Championships

Official Tennis Rating     RESULTS ARCHIVED

RyoSports Tennis Adult CHAMPIONSHIPS (scroll down below draw for competition guidelines & player resources)

Play six matches minimum; no more than 2 matches with any one player count. Game points are totalled. Top 4 winners into semi-finals (total of Win Points + RTA Skill Points).

Championship scoring:

Official Three-Set Match Scores 12-Point Tie-Breaks Semi-Finalists = Top 4 Total Points Winners = Player's Best 6 Match Points + RTA Skill Points*
Match Points Scoring
Win 10
3-Set Loss 7
2-Set Loss 5
RTA Points Scoring
1st 10
2nd 7
3rd 5

All Round Robin Matches & RTA Skills must be completed by July 12th.

  • To challenge a player to a match, either contact that player directly for a mutually beneficial time and place to play, or schedule the match-up through Coach.
  • To schedule a match through Coach, text challenge request; provide contact info to be shared with player; or provide the relevant details for Coach to schedule the match.
  • Report scores (games, sets, tie-breaks, aces & winner) to Coach as soon as is practicable.
  • Players are looking forward to a fun and exciting time; report any troubling issues to Coach. Have fun.
  • BYOB = Bring Your Own Balls (literally).
  • Compete any number of matches; your best six results (no more than 2 with any single player) counts.
  • A player's total score WILL INCLUDE at least one result from each player he or she competes.
  • Stay healthy. Be strong. Follow health and safety guidelines at all times. RyoSports Health. CDC Guide.

Earning RTA Points:

  • Fun. Fun. Fun. Fun. YOUR TENNIS genius Put TO THE ultimate TEST. (Skill, Strategy, Stamina).
  • RTA Skill points are required competing in RyoSports CHAMPIONSHIPS.

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