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with Sheryl Sandberg, Maya Penn, Joe Ellison




Host Neville DeAngelou calls on the audience to reframe their reference.

By tying solutions to jobs, he argues, in the context of smart technology and sound throught leadership individuals are better able to maneuver into their sweet spots and posititon themselves to seize remarkable opportunities presented in this swiftly changing market place. In order to make wiser choices, to prepare for a smarter career, to build a better career, one in which you are not continuoulsy being made obselescent in a swiftly shifting landscape, it requires a complete 'rethink' of ingrained concepts of personal education and training. It demands a different mindset. Smart jobs will always avail themselves where smart solutions exist.

This episode features Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, Media Pioneer Pat Michel, teenage entrepreneur Maya Penn, and Joseph Ellison who provides us with CES 2014 outlook on Stingray, Tesla and autonomous cars.

Video: Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg - So We Leaned In ... Now What? (TED)
Video: Meet Young Entrepreneur, Cartoonist, Designer, Activist Maya Penn (TED)
Article: HERE AND NOW: Tesla's Stock Is Still Electrifying (Feb 28, 2014)
Article: THE DAILY BEAST: Tesla's Stock Looks Like A Bubble; Will It Pop? (Mar 01,2014)





Tesla - Electric Car

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