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RyoSports DFW Metroplex Private Coaching Rates

RyoSports SuperStar Kids

All coaching sessions require the presence of parent or guardian

TEN sessions Package = (10-Pak)

Group Coaching

  • Each group is led by one of the parents of a child in that group.
  • Each child in that group is approved by parents of that group.
  • Group Size: 4 to 8.
  • Price: $105 per child per 10-Pak

Private / Semi Private Coaching

  • Individual: $250 (10-Pak)
  • Pair: $310 (10-Pak)
  • Trio: $360 (10-Pak)
  • Individual: $30 per hour
  • Pair: $50 per hour
  • Trio: $60 per hour

==> GET STARTED <===

Tennis Academy (Juniors)

The following personal coaching session packages are available for players 12 to 17 years old

Beginning Players

High School JD

High School Varsity

(Personal Coaching Packages: 10HR, 15HR, 30HR, Semester)

: : :
: : :

Private Coaching sessions are available for in-place college athletes and graduated college athletes

Packages as above

Goal Packages


Consult Private Coach for all Junior & College Rates
Adults & Recreational Players

Coaching rates for adult competitive & recreational players:


Single (Hourly): $50 per player

Single (10-Pak): $380 per player

Single (15-Pak): $490 per player


Couples (Hourly): $80 per couple

Couples (10-Pak): $650 per couple

Couples (15-Pak): $765 per couple


10-Pak = 10 sessions

15-Pak = 15 sessions


How to Get Started

Just Fix It

My SERVE My BACKHAND (One-handed or two-handed) My Slice My FOREHAND
My VOLLEY My MOVEMENT (Baseline, Mid-Court, Fore-court) My Lob My OVERHEAD
Not looking for coaching; just want to fix one aspect of my game. Let's FIX IT. --- CONTACT COACH


Competitive or Recreational, you can consult with coach to develop and-or maintain a winning trajectory as you progress along your journey. Whether it is a game-plan, mindset, movement, training plan, nutrition, tournament plan, etc., create a flexibile CONSULTING ARRANGEMENT WITH COACH. Both remote and in-person opportunities are available.

Your RTA program is designed uniquely for YOU, to support YOUR SPECIFIC TENNIS GOALS & NEEDS, and may also include select add-ons for free, chosen from the following: Video Analysis, PD Tips, Ball Machine Sessions, Strategy Sessions, Mental Toughness Training, Tournament Prep. We love TENNIS. We build CHAMPIONS - Period!

Payment Methods include PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, Chase Quick Pay, Cash App, Cash, Check.

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