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 Life's Epic Adventure (Level-up & Breakthrough)

Riding Moby Dick
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Riding Moby Dick (How They Beat The Odds Everytime) 

This rich collection of five narrative true stories reveal a ring of unique keys. Each key unlocks access to crown achievements.

The selected narratives underscore as well as dramatize skills and tools essential to overcoming chronic achievement obstacles. Applied, they remove stumbling blocks and challenges peculiar to uncertain and unstable environments.

Guidance, by way of a novel epic adventure, highlights the iconic nature of defiant obstacles. Discover how icons upend these to create lives of admirable significance.

ISBN-13: 978-1508973577 ISBN-10: 1508973571

Neville DeAngelou

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Neville DeAngelou. Innovator. Coach. Producer. Digital Creator



Riding Moby Dick is a combination memoir, novel adventure, and Level-Up Guide.



1. YOU ARE UNIQUE. No one has ever taken the path you are taking nor face the odds you will. This is true for every person and has always been that way even when it doesn't appear obvious in the moment.

2. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. We live in a world that is experience rich, replete with gaffs available to learn from, and poised with brillliant advice, yet much of these (for lack of appropriate awareness and timing) often unwittingly misguide and stall meaningful progress. There is a remedy: RMD.

You've probably heard this said, "Everytime I find the key to success, someone changes the lock." There is a Master Key. RMD.


It is NO SECRET, whether your intention is to beat odds, achieve dreams, answer a high calling, or enjoy continuous success, it is essential to

  • know who you are
  • understand what you're about
  • be cognizant of where you are
  • and identify where you want to go, why, with whom & when

It is also true that motivation and inspiration are awesome contributors to progress. Here, you'll develop the robust discipline essential to learning as well as practicing what you (personally) require to create and maintain a productive momentum. You'll be provided functional routines. You will be taught the necessary skills to devise strategies and tactics appropriate for your particular journey.

Essential Nitty-Gritty

Each of these ABC's require an energizing new perspective in the wake of a colorful wash of misinformation and misunderstanding, which often result in vision-mission misalignment.


  • ACHIEVEMENT: What is this, really? How do great achievers bridge The Gap?
  • BELIEF: All beliefs are powerful. Not all beliefs work in your favor. Which do?
  • CHARACTER: This can get tricky: its troubles, trials & triumphs exposed. The solution?
  • DESTINY: Who designed yours? How? Why? There is a beautiful path. Where?
  • EMBRACE YOUR PROCESS: How to love it and not leave it?

To bring these ABC's in alignment with your truest intention, RMD facilitates the reconfiguration by way of a set of enabling actions. Those include the proper rhythms to do the following:

  • Reflect, Recollect, Reconnect
  • Reboot & Restore
  • Recalibrate

Throughout your process and journey, you'll acquire courage, wisdom, and strength.

Epic Adventure carving a life-journey of Memorable Significance.

5 True Stories

Riding Moby Dick

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