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 Wonder Women

Real Talk TV Host & Actress Pat Theriault Tells Us How She Does It - It's A Gift!



Pat Theriault

Pat Theriault

Pat Theriault: "Don't let your circumstances stop you from achieving or accomplishing goals - desires you've had in your heart from a little child - don't let those fires go out because of your circumstances and always try to be a light to others, even when you're in the darkest of hours. Always try to be a light." LIVE ON THE JOURNEY - YOUR GLOBAL DIGITAL RADIO SHOW - with NEVILLE DEANGELOU

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Pat Theriault: I'm inspired by my sisters who live a life, to me, that's so worthy to be admired, because of their faith in God and because of who they are as women and how they empower other women to be the best that they can be.

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