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Animators, Artists, Storytellers


A. R. T. (Season 3) Once again, we've invited authors and writers you will enjoy from around the globe. They include emerging, established and award-winning writers from across spectrums (genres, industries, styles), each on tap to delight, inform and inspire.

What about those other assets to producing a great work? Agents? Artists? Animators? Book Designers? Editors? Narators? Publishers? Readers? Researchers? We've invited them to the table too.

The business of writing, production and distribution has changed substantially over the last decade. Readership is changing. Access to books has changed dramatically. The art of storytelling, the process of producing works of excellence, and the hard work of creative genius, have not.

This season, by way of your brilliant panel, radio guests, blogs and videos, we will be sifting through the minutia to get to the meat, and discover how best to tell the stories of our lives. What's your favorite?

Season 3 Panel - Phenomenal Author Playlist
  • Elif Shafak (Novelist) (Turkey) - The Politics of Fiction
  • Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (Novelist) (Nigeria) - The Danger of A Single Story
  • Malcolm Gladwell (Writer) (American) - The Unheard Story of David & Goliath
  • Andrew Stanton (Filmmaker) (American) - The Clues To A Great Story
  • J.J. Abrams (Filmmaker) (American) - The Mystery Box
  • Ann Morgan (Blogger) (British) - My Year Reading A Book From Every Country In The World
  • Chip Kid (Graphic Designer) (American) - Designing Books Is No Laughing Matter. OK, it is!


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We live in a world of unseeable beauty, some of it is so subtle, so delicate, they are imperceptible to the human eye. Storytellers - writers, poets, photographers, cinematographers, artists, musicians - help to bring the invisible into view. They do so in many beautiful ways: sometimes by bending the boundaries of time and space, or by peeling away layers of our natural blindness, or by zooming through molecules of malfeasance, or by stretching brittle lines of limitedness, or even by slowing things down then speeding things up, so we might look again and see what we feel.

By way of their artistry those of us who partake expand our minds. They stretch our imagination. Such storytellers magnify for us many astonishing wonders of nature. They are here with us.

Welcome to The Journey.

Phenomenal Author Playlist

Influential Writers, Storytellers & Designers worth every Second


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Along The Journey we stop at exotic places to meet fascinating folks with intriguing stories and novel solutions to some of life's trickiest issues. We play a few games too, and track the remarkable characters of three classic books: BulletSq ILICET - A Time To Begin Again (True Story) BulletSq A Sound Byte Life (SBL) Series: 2:26AM, The Gathering (Matchbox Mystery) and BulletSq Flight Of The Fused Monkeys (5-Star Series).

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