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Editorial Services


Editorial Services


RyoGroup offers a range of writing, documentation, editorial and editing services and support.


Request A Quote

To request a quote for author services, book projects, presentations, proposals, speechwriting and other similar services, select from the panel to your left.



Professional Writing Services Pricing

Standard pricing for ghostwriting and editing services are provided below. (All quotes are based on and otherwise priced in accordance with standard 12 point double spaced page format. There are no portions of a page; each is considered a full page.)

Ghost Writing Services

  • Manuscript priced per 150 DS pages (See Panel at left)
  • Corporate Bio: $600.00 per DS page
  • White Paper (excluding research): $700.00 per DS page
  • Magazine Article: $350.00 per DS page
  • Website Article: $120.00 per DS page
  • Blog Post: $50.00 per 300 words

Editing Services

  • Proof Reading: $25 - $35 per DS page (See Note 1 below)
  • Revisions: $40 - $60 per DS page (See Note 2 below)
  • Re-writes (excluding research): $75 - $80 per DS page
  • Research: $40.00 per hour or any part thereof

Other Standard Writing Serices (excluding research)

  • Letter of Intent: $95.00 per DS page
  • Personal Statement: $110.00 per DS page
  • Personal Essay: $125.00 per DS page
  • Resume Editing: (See 'Editing Services')
  • Resume Writing: (See Panel at left)


(1) A RyoGroup Proof Read means we identify errors / fixes to your finished work. Proof reading does not include revisions to your work. The quality of the work will be based on the quality of your submission.

(2) RyoGroup Revisions mean we revise and / or recommend revisions to your submitted work in alignment with your request to improve the quality of the submitted work. This does not include rewriting or major re-writes to your work. For re-writes see 'Editing Services' above.

When requesting a quote, DO NOT send us your work or project. We will not view or review it prior to agreements.

When requesting a quote provide your full contact information, viz., your name, email and phone number, along with details of the service or services you are seeking.






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