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Business Of Doing Business

Episode 1: The Pitch
Business Leader: Jeff Klein

Jeff Klein is a public speaker and Founder of Speaker Co-op, an organization of currently over 900 professional speakers.

Speaker Co-op is a leading source for experienced, entertaining and informative speakers.

With licensed chapters across a growing number of cities, speakers connect, learn how to speak for business, and how to increase bookings.

The Pitch: a) what it is; b) why it is essential for entrepreneurs, leaders, organizers, innovators, and influencers to own it and hone it.

Episode One: The Pitch
Guest Speaker: Jeff Klein

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"The only way that human beings could ever have survived as a species for as long as we have is that we've developed another kind of decision-making apparatus that's capable of making very quick judgments based on very little information." - Malcolm Gladwell

The Elevator Pitch!

Have you ever been on an elevator? Interrupted by a stranger?

  • Who are you?
  • What do you want from me?
  • Why should I care?

Not necessarily the order of your questions, is it? It depends on your view of the stranger, your feelings about the stranger, your impulse, what's on your mind, and how quickly you want to get off that elevator - unperturbed. True? Well then, think it through.

Elevator Pitch

Note Well! It isn't about The Pitch! It is about SHARING VALUE! It is about TRUST. It is about YOUR NETWORK.

So, why the pitch? Why do we get it so wrong? How do we fix it?

Packing a THOUSAND GIMMICK-WORDS into a CORNERED EAR will NOT improve your chances; THAT'S SCARY.

And It is NOT about speed-talking!

It is NOT about SHORT-ATTENTION SPAN - that's insulting! It IS about sharing value, it IS about trust, it IS about family, it IS about friendship, it IS about community - all in all, it IS about valued network building.


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We open this series by highlighting The Pitch: a) what it is; b) why it is essential for every entrepreneur, leader, organizer and innovator to own it and hone it; c) how to perfect it!

Consider also:

  • The One Word Pitch
  • The TWITTER Pitch
  • The Question Pitch
  • The Poetic Pitch

You should, in fact, have each honed and handy; not to pounce, but to persuade. COMING UP NEXT: PERFECTING YOUR PITCH


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