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ILICET - A Time To Begin Again

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Living On The Fault Line (Part 2)
by Neville DeAngelou


"When people show you who they are, believe them. For show, they surely do."

"Once you recognize a problem don't dwell on it, set your sight on the solution. Then implement it."

It is natural and legitimate to be enraged by and outraged at peace officers using images of the faces of black boys for target practice, as in the case shown below the line, no matter the justification or which community it appeases, and no matter whose son's face these black faces are replaced by!

It is incumbent upon any good soul to be shocked at such a state of our humanity, but the list of acts available to shock the soul from every quarter is horrendously long. And thick.

It would be complicit and duplicitous to waste one's rage on merely the existence of that list just as it would be incredibly hard, foolish and dangerous not to do so. Know it, though. For sure, know it!

However, spending one's rage there serves only to satisfy the savage appetites feeding the list. The spirit of humanity, the very soul of divinity, demands more wisdom from us.

We know the better way.

It is within us and amongst us. I'll show you.


It is time to take it, but you'd hardly have time to sit in it.

Alvin Ailey Theater Company

Do not mistake my tears for weakness nor our prayers for helplessness.

Isn't music amazing?

I think so. Come with me; we have great company.

We must have
the stubbornness to accept our gladness in the ruthless
furnace of this world.



It is truly easy in the press of rowdy times - gunshots, screams, scattered dreams - to lose sight of this huge crowd of legends, stars, witnesses encompassed about us - legends from every field and endeavor, who have carved and designed amazing journeys and left broad shoulders for us to climb on should we choose - a list so long, to pick any set from it is to present you with a crop of leaves from your own forest.

Nevertheless, you ought to get acquainted, for you are in the presence of unrivaled greatness.

Begin with this quick visit here where there is no us and them.

See these trees? Towering. Breathe. Feel what I mean? Having visited with each you'll come to realize what spurs the envy and jealousy stirring up emptiness within those who meet out such incontinent hatred toward you.

But don't dwell on that. Don't absorb it. Don't box with it. It is a wind bag. See it. Feel it, but don't feed from it. Be aware of it, but set your sights on something amazing, that which you own.

Reclaim your seat. Tell whoever is there to GTFO! You are not playing musical chairs anymore.

Now sit in your seat; just this short while to take in the view: a more informed view. Breathe. Be still. Be patient. Be quiet. Be present. Breathe. This is your time. Take your time with each. Stay in the present.

Experience 7 Crucial Revelations

For sure now you must know:

  • YOU and ONLY YOU can relinquish your power.

Experience Your Personal Revolution

There are real issues in this real world. Complex issues. All of them human issues. Indeed, there are very real issues in your imaginary world too. Complex issues. Human issues. For 'they' are as human as 'we' are. 'We' came from where 'they' came from, but we're not all on the same journey.

Now that you've reclaimed your self, now that you have decided to renew your mind, you are very likely to be sensing a stir in your revolution. You are evolving. YOUR power is being turned on. There is light. See the light. Shine a light.

Wonderful things begin to happen once you begin to shine your light. You are not imagining this. We'll explore those later. Shine the light. Shine the light. Shine the light.

Martin Luther King shined a light. For sure, he was killed for doing so, but that light is still shining. Ha-hah! Now the spirit of Martin Luther King is everywhere. And not him alone. We are in the midst of a huge crowd of witnesses - shoulder-to-shoulder with us. You want to rise. I told you you'd want to!


Remember this, though: once you lift yourself from your seat, once you take that leap of faith forward, once you have stepped into your space of signifcance and begin to shine your light there, you will see an array of intertwined issues spread across the landscape, like a web, like a trap net, a man-made trap net.

You are not imagining this. It is real.

Don't ball-up the threads of the web you're seeing. Don't be confused or distracted by any who prefers it balled into one.

Don't be cajoled by anyone trying to force you to see these man-made complexities as a singular issue or only as that issue he or she wants you to see.

Don't glare at only one shred of it; you'll be blindsided by those you'd rather not see.

Don't pretend the one thread you chose to deal with is the only thread there is. And choose you will when you realize why you are a light.

Don't try to deal wiith your thread as the whole when with your light shining you can readily see yours is but a piece connected to many other pieces. Inextricably bound.

Be real. Be present. Stay in your power. Be still and know!! Then enlighten us. Enlighten me.

Are you ready? Guess what? It is about to get quite a bit more exciting for you. Now that you've reclaimed your power you are probably set to step across the fault line. True? Breathe! Faith is required. You've got company. Great company.


You are a mirror.

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The HUNKS I Dreamed by Neville DeAngelou

"A great listen." "Brilliant." "Outstanding." "Imaginative."

We Are About To Step Over A Fault Line

Pain distracts our senses. In pain, our sight is restricted. In pain, our hearing is restricted. The only touch we want is relief. In pain, we don't smell so good. Pain distracts then the predator pounces. TROUBLED WATERS.

Your life matters. Each and every life matter. In Part 3, we'll explore WHETHER IT IS WISE TO BRIDGE THE GAP. On our way over, notice a few thing. Watch closely. In each person's shoe (take your picks) What would you do?








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